The Kingston Huskies Football & Cheer Organization provides a wholesome athletic environment that inspires the youth (regardless of race, creed, color, or sex) of Kingston, or any areas considered open territory, to practice the ideals of good character, sportsmanship, teamwork, mental and physical health, healthy competition and strive to be "the best that they can be."

The Kingston Huskies Football Teams are made up of children 5-15 years of age residing in the Kingston Community and surrounding territories. These territories include: Wilkes-Barre, Plains, Dallas, Pittston, Luzerne and anything outside of the Wyoming Valley West Youth Football and Cheerleading Conference (WVWYFCC). If you are unsure if your child resides in our territory to play Please feel free to contact us! 

Welcome to Huskies Football!

Equipment that is provided by the KHFCO:

  • Helmet (with chinstrap)

  • Mouthguard* (1 per player per season is provided. If lost parent/guardian must purchase replacement)

  • Shoulder, Rib, Knee and Thigh Pads

  • Game Pants & Belt

  • Practice Jersey & Pants

​Equipment that is not provided by the KHFCO:

  • Game Jersey (ordered through our organization approx. $50)

  • Helmet visors (only detachable clear type are allowed- no tinted or mirrored unless note by dr.)

  • Shirts integrated with Pads

  • Cleats (must be football type)

  • Socks (can be purchased through our organization approx. $5)

  • Girdle with Pads

  • Individual Pads (whether integrated or not) including: hip pads, tailbone pad

  • Athletic Cups/Protectors

  • Specialized mouthguards (per dentist or orthodontic requirements)

  • Receiver/lineman gloves or arm/sleeve pads

  • Integrated game/practice pants with pads

Football Equipment

As per WVWYFCC by-laws, a physical is required for all participants. Physicals are valid for one (1) year from the date they are issued from a healthcare provider. For returning participants, parents/guardians will be notified that their athlete(s) need an updated physical. However, it is vital to immediately schedule an appointment with your athlete's health care provider for a physical. For new participants, please provide a physical from your doctor before the start of practices.

Official Physical Forms are provided via the link on the right.  Physicals for the 2020 season are due by August 1, 2020. Participants can not practice or be on the field after July 31, 2020 without a physical.


The Wyoming Valley West Youth Football and Cheerleading Conference (WVWYFCC) will schedule 

mandatory weigh-ins for all Kingston Huskies football players before the season starts. ATHLETES MUST BE THERE BY THE SCHEDULED TIME so that the coaches can properly check in and line up each player. Each parent/guardian is responsible to provide transportation for players. There is no need to bring your athletes football equipment to weigh-ins.

In case of a pre-scheduled family event (vacation, etc.) you must download, print and complete the excuse form and provide it to your athlete's coach ASAP so our coaches can provide the form to the WVWYFCC officials at the time of weigh-ins.


Make-up weigh-ins will be TBD at the same location, time TBD.​​


If you have any questions please contact your athlete's coach or a board member.

**The WVWYFCC will fine you if your athlete does not attend a weigh in without a valid excuse.**


Games are played every Sunday (unless we have a by-week) during the season and times are as followed:

          D Team - 11:00am

          C Team - 12:15pm

          B Team - 1:30pm

          A Team - 3:00pm

Coaches will specify what time players need to be at the field by on game days. Players are encouraged to attend other level games if they are able to.

Practices for each team vary at different levels, once the season starts the coaches will let the players know what time and days practices will be. Be sure to join the proper notification systems so that you are aware of last minute scheduling changes due to weather, etc.

Practices & Games
Practice Schedule
Scholarship Process

Financial assistance may be provided to any participant at the discretion of the Executive Board, provided sufficient evidential matter is provided to the Executive Board that clearly reflects a need for financial assistance. 

  1. The person(s) requesting financial assistance must fill out the appropriate form that will be available below and at the stand.

  2. You can only request financial assistance for registration costs and/or uniforms.


Please see any board member with any concerns on this process!

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